Transition: All Hands On Deck

September 5, 2012


Fellow Young Republicans,

As I take over as acting President, I want to take a moment to reflect on how far our club has come and what we must do to move forward and secure GOP Victory in November.  Nothing is more important than victory for the future of our club, to say nothing of the future of our country.

First, let me thank Immediate Past President Jessica Osman for her service and dedication.  She made people rethink about our Party by shining a light on our untold diversity.  While challenging the presumptions of others, she also challenged us to take a good look at ourselves and consider what unites us as Republicans.  Our whole Party is better off for including Young Republicans like Jessica.

Now down to business.  Election Day is in two short months, so there is no time to waste!

Already, I’ve moved to make Broward YRs a better club. Our news wires and email marketing are with a new provider to allow more flexible, effective message targeting.  All Broward YR events are now posted on Facebook with a corresponding event page and we will continue to use social media to bring out new members.  Please use these tools to spread the word about our current and upcoming events, and to keep yourself aware of any changes to our schedule.

“Victory through Unity”

Former YR President Sheela Venero empowered many Young Republicans like me to strive for leadership positions in the Party, emphasizing that YRs aren’t merely the future of the party, but We Are The Party.  Jessica Osman urged that today’s party is Not Your Grandfather’s GOP, highlighting our vibrant diversity while smashing stereotypes about Republicans.  On my watch, I will focus on Victory through Unity.

Victory through Unity means that we will work together with other Republican organizations and conservative groups to consolidate efforts and multiply our effectiveness.  I will work like no other president before me to include and empower our sister organizations to draw new people into the party, mobilize and empower Republican activists of all ages, from all backgrounds, in all places.  Together, we will win this November and beyond.

To achieve victory, I’m laying out a few goals:

Focus on social media.   Today’s message war is fought primarily online.  We will expand our online presence with a continuously updated website, active Facebook pages and Twitter feeds.  If you haven’t yet joined our online network, I urge you to do so immediately.  By connecting the club with your existing friend networks, our Republican message can spread virally and organically to engage voters we might otherwise miss.

Use our voice.    Our club will be prominent on the front lines, making the case for Romney-Ryan and other Republican candidates.  We will publish more editorials, step up our presence in the media, and actively engage our community.

Campaign like crazy.  Getting together for social events to share war stories is great fun!  But campaigns take our club seriously when they can count on us to show up and put in the work it takes to win an election.  So we are going to dramatically increase the amount of actual campaign work we do – both as a club and as individuals.

Online, on air and on the ground, Young Republicans are a vital part of GOP Victory in 2012. I look forward to hearing from you and working with all of our members to make Broward YRs a bigger, better, more effective part of the Republican Party.

Together, we will win.



Nick Stone, Acting President

Broward County Young Republicans



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