Washington Flounders While Florida Leads

Five years ago the Obama White house told America, because of historic new spending and government intervention, to expect a robust economic rebound and lots of new jobs. But the economy sputtered and few jobs materialized.

After countless pivots back to jobs, this week’s unemployment news proves again that Americans cannot trust their President to fix the economy and put them back to work.  Voters are understandably frustrated and we share their concerns.

Here’s the truth about our economy:
  •       Year-on-year, the number of “discouraged workers” (unemployment dropouts) has risen by 206,000 people.
  •      The U-6 (total) unemployment rate jumped significantly from last month, from 13.8% to 14.3%.
  •       Current jobs growth rate of 195,000/month would take the economy until 2021 just to return to pre-recession employment levels.
America’s unemployment picture looks dismal.  That this week’s news “beat expectations” is even more insidious.

President Obama has lots of excuses for his poor performance on the economy and jobs: George Bush, Republicans in Congress, the Arab Spring, poor forecasting, weather patterns, even ATMs. Did we mention George Bush?

If the President wants real economic recovery, he should turn to Florida, where Republicans have proven it possible to cut taxes and spending, streamline regulations and create a huge jobs boom in the process.

Economist Steve Forbes pointed out the stark contrast between Washington and Tallahassee in a recent op-ed:

“While reducing the size and scope of Florida’s government, [Governor] Scott has cut taxes five times in a little over two years, and …overseen the elimination of more than 2,300 regulations on businesses and residents…

“The results are in: Since Scott took office, almost 350,000 new private sector jobs have been created – halfway to the goal he promised during the 2010 campaign – and the state’s unemployment rate has dropped to 7.1 percent. That’s down 4 percentage points since he took office …

“Governor Scott’s 2010 campaign slogan was simply ‘Let’s get to work.’ By any measure he has certainly delivered.”

In Broward County, unemployment has fallen from 7.2% last April to 5.6% this April.  Enterprise growth championed by the Governor has led Port Everglades alone to support over 200,000 jobs statewide.  We are noticeably better off than the 11.1% statewide unemployment that liberal Charlie Crist handed Governor Scott two years ago.

So, where are the jobs? 

The answer is clear. Economic growth has centered on Florida and other Republican-led states.  The voters are paying attention and noticing results.

When will this White House do the same?


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