YR Action: Bad News Awaits Obama in Florida

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It’s a great morning to be a Florida Young Republican!  But I’d sure hate to be on Team Obama today, as he lands in the Sunshine State to some troubling news for his administration.

Unfortunately for President Obama, it isn’t just conservative news outlets taking him to task.  We have composed some news clips to include in your Facebook, Twitter & other online posts today.


News Headlines


ABC: Obama Pivots to Economy… Again
Time: Obama Then And Now: Eight Years Later, the Speech is the Same
CBS: CBS News poll finds more Americans than ever want Obamacare repealed
USA Today: Partisan tone won’t help Obama

FOX: Obama tries to offset current scandals by recycling talking points on economy

CBS: As Obama Talks, Washington Barrels Toward Budget Showdown

These are just a few top leads to get you going… Feel free to search the internet for more Obama news updates.

Suggested Hashtags 
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#Sayfie / #SSNalerts



#Economy / #Jobs / #Security / #Debt / #Spending / #Scandal



President Obama is counting on Floridians to pay attention to today’s speech rather than his abysmal record.  Let’s get online today and make sure that doesn’t happen.  Follow @BrowardYRs and @FFYR for updates throughout the day.


See you online!


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