It Isn’t Going to Work, Charlie



Former Republican Governor Charlie Crist announced yesterday that Annette Taddeo-Goldstein would join his ticket for Governor, an attempt to boost his campaign among minorities.

Since Governor Rick Scott’s selection of Carlos Lopez-Cantera, the Scott campaign has pulled ahead of Crist in polls, with most movement toward Scott coming from Latinos.  Charlie Crist picked Taddeo-Goldstein because he needs Latinos back in his camp to have any chance of winning in November.

It won’t work.

The Taddeo-Goldstein announcement is ripe with problems.  First, Crist is out of line to name a running mate at this stage of the election.  “It is unusual and presumptuous for Crist to pick a running mate before the contested primary without debating his opponent,” said Young Republicans Vice Chairman Brian Empric, who called the announcement “pure political desperation to woo the Democratic base.”

Annette Taddeo-Goldstein also has a poor electoral record.  Her 2008 run against Republican powerhouse Ileana Ros-Lehtinen was considered by many her best chance, yet the candidate ran 10 points behind President Obama in the District and Ros-Lehtinen won comfortably.  Her County Commission race didn’t go much better.

With no governing experience and a poor campaign record, onlookers may wonder what Taddeo-Goldstein would do should Charlie Crist decide to again abandon his job after one term. Ms. Taddeo-Goldstein is not qualified to run the State of Florida, Lieutenant Governor Lopez-Cantera clearly is. We urge the Scott campaign to highlight this key difference at every opportunity.

Although the Taddeo-Goldstein pick was intended to sway Miami area Latinos, it might backfire on Crist.  “Annette T. Goldstein has never seen a tax increase she didn’t support,” said Young Republicans Assistant Secretary Jessica Fernandez. “She has supported every tax increase at the local level, has criticized Governor Scott for keeping taxes and spending low and supports tax increases at the federal level.”  Ms. Fernandez added, “Families live on a budget, but Taddeo-Goldstein would take hard earned money out of your pocket to pay for her vision of big government.”

“Who is Annette Taddeo-Goldstein, anyway?” asked Young Republicans Secretary Nick Stone. “Most Floridians don’t know her, and what we do know is cause for concern.”

These two are a perfect match,” exclaimed Stone. “One can’t figure out her own last name, and the other one can’t figure out what he believes in.” Ms. Taddeo, or Taddeo-Goldstein, has alternated between versions of her last name for political and personal reasons.  She is running with Crist without the hyphenation.

Campaign tactics aside, the Taddeo-Goldstein pick makes us only more certain that Governor Rick Scott must be re-elected. “This state has come too far under the strong leadership of Governor Scott to turn back now,” said Young Republicans Chairman Dan Ruoss.  “Too many jobs and too many dollars left Florida during the first Charlie Crist term.  With Annette Taddeo-Goldstein on his ticket, the second term could be even worse.”
This week Floridians saw vintage Charlie Crist, a man who will say or do anything to get elected.  Although we are certain Annette Taddeo-Goldstein’s addition to the ticket will be met with a collective yawn, we urge Florida voters to educate themselves about the candidates’ combined record.  Then it will be clear that Governor Scott must be given a second term.
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Dems Can Keep Charlie ‘Weathervane’ Crist

Editorial by Nick Stone

We have all heard liberals like Nancy Pelosi and Debbie Wasserman Schultz expound on what the Republican Party needs to broaden our base and succeed in elections. How kind of them to offer us friendly, free advice. Does anyone really believe that these partisan liberals have the best interests of the Republican Party in mind?

The most ironic left wing spin doctor taking upon himself to diagnose GOP ills is newly baptized Democrat Charlie Crist.

Charlie, like many on the left, believes that the Republican Party suffers from closed mindedness, rigid ideology, and of course, racism, racism, racism! He left the GOP, his lifelong Party, because he could not be true to his ‘deeply held beliefs’ (whatever those are) and remain in our tent. Of course, the strategic move to leave the Party had nothing to do with his faltering primary against Marco Rubio. No, of course not! Charlie just wanted to do the right thing, you see.

Let me tell you what the Republican Party does not need. It doesn’t need any more Charlie Crists.

Many of us in my Party stuck by Charlie’s side far longer than we should have, excusing his blunders and attempting to explain his rudderless policy positions as governor.  His once loyal supporters best know the real Charlie Crist — the guy who will leave you at the altar, the guy who is firmly on both sides of every issue, the guy whose ambition will always come first.

Buyers beware!  Those who know Charlie Crist best are also his harshest critics, a point Democrats should note before they go to the polls.

Charlie Crist has described his political approach in many ways through the years: as a Connie Mack Republican, as a Jeb Bush Republican, and my favorite — as a Reagan Republican. But Charlie Crist is no Ronald Reagan, whatever his Party du jour.

The Charlie Crist years were plagued with a faltering economy, surging joblessness, and gaping budget deficits plugged by huge tax hikes — all masked as “fees”.  In the Crist years, Florida couldn’t find its footing. Our jobs were gone, our spirit was gone, and at the end of his term a good chunk of our rainy day fund was gone too.

Charlie Crist’s Florida led the economic collapse; it was not a victim of it. His record was tragic. He is Carter, not Reagan.

In a recent interview with Bill O’Reilly, Crist was asked about the wisdom of running as a Democrat while Republicans are gaining ground on almost all issues and voters are turning away from Democrats. “Not in Florida,” explained Crist.

Really, Charlie? Voters have elected 3 Republican governors in a row and appear poised to re-elect Governor Scott.  Republicans hold all statewide Cabinet offices, to say nothing of healthy majorities in our state and federal legislative offices. The closest thing Democrats have to a success in Florida is Bill Nelson — and that is quite a stretch. Floridians also recently sent David Jolly and Curt Clawson to Congress. Anybody wanna tally up the score and pass the bad news along to Charlie? Maybe Representative Alex Sink — or Governor Alex Sink, for that matter — can tell Charlie just how awesome Florida Democrats are doing with voters.

I’m very proud to say that the Republican Party, while not perfect, is far superior to the Democrats on issues. By learning from past failures, we are doing a great job catching up to Democrats on targeting and tech too.

In Florida, we have Republicans from any group you can imagine. Some of the proudest, most ardent Republicans I know are women like our GOP Co-chair Sharon Day and Hispanics like Marco Rubio. Florida’s Young Republicans are recognized as the best in the Union. We’ve got blacks, Jews, and even gays — many of whom are proud Republicans. And despite legendary registration and organization efforts by the Obama campaign, Republicans have actually narrowed the registration gap since 2008.

The Republican Party needs to remain focused on issues that people care about like the economy, taxes, and ways to keep our communities strong. What we don’t need is partisan liberals giving us advice. What we don’t need is people like Charlie Crist in our Party, who will do or say anything to get elected.

Hopefully Charlie finds a comfortable home in his new Party and never looks back. For Republicans, “the Party” isn’t hardly “over”. It is just missing one slick Jackass.


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