RPOF: Republicans United for 2014

Desk Of Chairman Curry
Broward County Young Republicans,
Last weekend, the Republican Party of Florida met in Orlando to elect the leaders and officers that will lead us through the 2014 Election Cycle.  I was honored to be re-elected as chairman.
But an even greater honor for me is the chance to work with what Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater recently called Florida’s “All-Star Team.”  He was referring to the Florida cabinet, which is entirely Republican, as well as Senator Marco Rubio, our GOP congressional delegation, and the men and women serving in elected posts throughout the state.
Florida's All-Star Team
Unified for 2014: CFO Atwater, Chairman Curry, Governor Scott, Commissioner Putnam


This weekend, that team spirit was on full display.  In addition to CFO Atwater’s comments, Governor Rick Scott praised the work of his fellow cabinet members and invited them to share the stage with him:

“I just want to tell you, these two individuals, along with Pam Bondi, they represent your state well. They represent your principles, they believe in the American dream, they believe in limited government. We have cabinet meetings every two or three weeks, if you look at how they vote, they do the right things. The CFO has been a great partner in wether its been dealings with PIP, or dealing with getting the rating agencies, or transparency in government. The Ag. Commissioner is very committed to making sure we continue to be a state where our Agriculture Community does extremely well. ”

Commissioner Putnam perhaps summed it up best:
“First of all I want to thank the Governor. There is a team spirt, this is one team, one jersey. The legislature, the cabinet, the Governor, the congressional delegation, Marco Rubio… and Florida is a shining example of what happens when you work together as a team to bring solutions to the American people, and that’s what they are looking for. That’s why people are so frustrated with the absence of solutions in Washington, and putting another bandaid on the same problem that everybody’s known about. In Florida we are not afraid to confront the challenges, we’re not afraid to be innovative, we’re not afraid to propose the bold solutions… and it doesn’t happen without the team, and we don’t get the opportunity to serve without our teammates. “


It’s clear that despite a rough 2012 cycle, there is a sense of renewed optimism as we head into the 2013-2014 election cycle, and it’s shared by your Republican elected officials who are starting to see positive results from the changes put into place by Governor Rick Scott, the legislature and our Florida cabinet.
I am excited for the opportunity to work with these great leaders for the next several years.



Lenny Curry
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