Our Sheriff

by Nicholas Stone and Ryan Reiter, President and Vice President of Broward Young Republicans

In today’s sharply divided America, Democrats and Republicans don’t seem to agree on much. But across Broward County, people agree on one thing: our communities are better off thanks to Sheriff Al Lamberti.

Sheriff Lamberti took over a Broward Sheriff’s Office plagued by corruption and waste from top to bottom.  He leaves behind a stronger, intelligent force that contributed to Florida’s lowest crime rate in over 40 years.

Al Lamberti took the petty politics out of a very political job.  Florida’s first ever Hate Crimes Task Force made Broward County the standard bearer for anti-hate programs across the country with the help of Democrat and Republican lawmakers. His cooperation with the Attorney General and Governor’s office allowed the swift action needed to crackdown on Pill Mills operating under the guise of healthcare providers. The Sheriff’s Shred-A-Thons awakened our communities to the horrors of identity theft, while Operation Medicine Cabinet spared the county’s water supply from dangerous pollutants. And with the help of Cybervisor, whole neighborhoods were alerted of dangerous situations with just one click.

This is the proud legacy of our outgoing sheriff.

Sheriff Lamberti re-prioritized BSO’s most important functions that keep the people safe. He strengthened the agency’s cooperation with neighboring communities and renegotiated contracts to give taxpayers the best deal possible.  He did more with less and led by example. That’s what people expect from their sheriff.

We have grave concerns about the future of the BSO under control of Sheriff Scott Israel. Whether he will build upon Sheriff Lamberti’s great legacy or destroy it remains to be seen.

We do wish the new sheriff good luck and God speed.  The people of Broward County are depending on him.


Paid political advertisement by Broward County Young Republicans. Not approved by any campaign or committee.