Obama’s Shutdown

obamacare waiver

by Nick Stone

At midnight, President Obama and Harry Reid got what they wanted. They sent the government to a screeching halt and pointed their fingers at Republicans.

Why? Because House Republicans (joined by a few Democrats) stood firm against the most coercive, intrusive and unpopular law in modern history – Obamacare. Using the Power of the Purse, these brave souls put their names on the line to side with the public and against big government special interests.

House Republicans were willing to give the President 99% of what he wanted — fully funding the government at outrageously high Obama era spending levels. In return they simply demanded a delay of Obamacare. For that, they were called extreme.

President Obama has already trampled the Constitution to give his own donors and friends Obamacare waivers. Don’t the American people deserve at least a one year reprieve?

This shutdown is the irresponsible consequence of an intransigent President who can’t take 99% of a loaf. Republicans aren’t extreme, Obama is.


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