“Credit” Florida Turnaround to GOP


By Nick Stone, President of Broward County Young Republicans

February 5, 2013


Happy Days Are Here Again in the Sunshine State.

Spending has been reigned in, taxes lowered, regulations streamlined.  Debts are being paid all the while our credit rating has improved.  Unemployment is way down, the fastest drop in the nation.  School performance has improved. Communities are the safest they’ve been in 40 years.

By nearly any measure, Florida is demonstrably better off than it was when “The People’s Governor” Charlie Crist left Tallahassee in shambles two years ago.

Compare Republican-led states like Texas or Florida against Illinois, Connecticut or California, where Democrats dominate.  The pattern is the same wherever you look.  Conservative policies like those enacted in Florida invariably improve state competitiveness and overall desirability.  That conclusion isn’t some abstract theory either.  People are voting with their feet, fleeing the oppressive burden of liberalism.

Florida has shown in concrete terms that Republican principles of lower taxes and more freedom aren’t tired old policies from the 1980s – they are a tested and true framework for prosperity.  That is why two credit agencies have upgraded their outlook on our credit worthiness while Washington goes the other way.

Perhaps a little “credit” is due to our Republican governor, legislature and cabinet for standing up against the tired ideas of more spending, higher taxes and bigger government.  Taking on powerful liberal interest groups isn’t easy, but Sunshine State Republicans have stood bravely and done us proud.

Could we trust Charlie Crist and other liberals to keep Florida on the path to long term prosperity?

Maybe happy days aren’t exactly here again.  But thanks to our elected Republicans, Florida is well on its way and leaving blue states in the dust.  We urge voters to take note when they go to the polls in 2014.

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