Call Debbie Out!

DWS Wasserman Schultz DNC

What if you had the chance to give Debbie Wasserman Schultz a piece of your mind, live on air?

Well, today is your day!

DWS joins Diane Rehm today at 10 a.m. to discuss her new book “For The Next Generation: A Wakeup Call“, an ironic call for civilized discourse from one of the most hyper-partisan politicians alive.

Contact the show to tell Debbie what you think about her divisive, corrosive left wing rhetoric and overall lack of leadership.  Here are some easy ways to sound off:




Listen Live @ 10 a.m.: or tune in to your local NPR station (91.3 FM for South Florida).


call in: 1-800-433-8850

Facebook comments:

Tweet: @drshow AND @DWSTweets


NOTE: Diane Rehm tends to get lots of comments and phone calls, so start sounding off BEFORE 10 a.m. to have your voice heard by America.

YR Action: Bad News Awaits Obama in Florida

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It’s a great morning to be a Florida Young Republican!  But I’d sure hate to be on Team Obama today, as he lands in the Sunshine State to some troubling news for his administration.

Unfortunately for President Obama, it isn’t just conservative news outlets taking him to task.  We have composed some news clips to include in your Facebook, Twitter & other online posts today.


News Headlines


ABC: Obama Pivots to Economy… Again
Time: Obama Then And Now: Eight Years Later, the Speech is the Same
CBS: CBS News poll finds more Americans than ever want Obamacare repealed
USA Today: Partisan tone won’t help Obama

FOX: Obama tries to offset current scandals by recycling talking points on economy

CBS: As Obama Talks, Washington Barrels Toward Budget Showdown

These are just a few top leads to get you going… Feel free to search the internet for more Obama news updates.

Suggested Hashtags 
(for Twitter AND Facebook)

#Sayfie / #SSNalerts



#Economy / #Jobs / #Security / #Debt / #Spending / #Scandal



President Obama is counting on Floridians to pay attention to today’s speech rather than his abysmal record.  Let’s get online today and make sure that doesn’t happen.  Follow @BrowardYRs and @FFYR for updates throughout the day.


See you online!

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With the GOP’s Social Victory Center, you can help the Republican Party get out our message effortlessly.  The RNC will send out official messages through your Facebook profile, letting your friends and family know you support the GOP.

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72 Hour GOTV Tweet-a-Thon

Broward YR’s Challenge FFYR Chapters to a 72 Hour Tweet-a-thon!

We know you will be doing everything you can to get Republicans in your area out to vote on Tuesday January 31st for the Presidential Preference Primary. Across Florida, hard working Young Republicans will be phone banking, putting up signs, driving people to the polls and more. So why not show off your efforts?

Join Broward County Young Republicans in a 72 Hour Tweet-a-thon starting on Saturday January 28th. Tweet @Browardyrs (or your local YRs) and hashtags #yrnf #ffyr & #72hr and tell us what you’re doing to Get Out The Vote.

We’re excited to see which YR chapters have the most active, energetic Young Republicans as we gear up for the big election in November.

Don’t forget to mention your local YR chapter and the hashtags so we can count your activity.

See you on Twitter!



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