Save District 22

by Broward County Young Republicans

The Florida legislature has done a tremendous job proposing new districts for the next decade. Even with a challenging new set of rules to follow, we find their proposals interesting, legal and fair.

We do however take exception to the dismantling of Congressional District 22 in Broward and Palm Beach counties.

Broward Republican Party Chairman Richard DeNapoli and Vice Chair Colleen Stolberg recently made the case for saving CD-22. Broward County Young Republicans echo their concerns and invite our friends in the other party to join us in preserving a truly fair district.

Democrats like to make the District 22 fight all about Allen West because demagoguery is their obsession and fundraising tool. But to Republicans, much more than one man is at stake. This fight is about voter representation and preserving a community of interest. We want to ensure all voters in the coastal communities of Broward and Palm Beach counties are fairly represented. They should have a choice for Congress without stacking the deck in favor of one party.

The areas in question are home to large populations of Republican and Independent voters, yet under current proposals they would likely be represented by a Democrat. Broward County holds the second most Republican voters in the state, but could soon have zero Republican members of Congress. Doesn’t that fly in the face of the “Fair Districts” Amendments?

We are convinced that minor changes could make a big difference in District 22. By removing the western dog leg into Plantation and extending the coastal portion of the District, the legislature could strengthen a community of interest while eliminating a partisan bent. This change would also fix the appearance it was gerrymandered to put Allen West within its limits.

District 22 is the only truly fair district in Broward and Palm Beach Counties. Preserving it should be important to all Floridians. Instead of pursuing a personal vendetta against a sitting congressman, let’s give voters the right to decide for themselves their best representative.

This editorial ran in the Sun-Sentinel on Jan. 13, 2012

12 Months to GOP Victory

By Jessica Osman and Nick Stone

In one year, Americans will go to the polls and elect a new government. We firmly believe they will choose to replace President Obama and flip control of the Senate.

America gave President Obama and Democrats a chance for hope and change several years ago by giving them all levers of government. Regrettably, they squandered the people’s trust by pushing a hyper-partisan big government agenda. An already-huge deficit they blamed on Republicans ballooned to record levels under Democrat control. Unemployment soared and home values continued to sink, drowning our savings and our children’s future.

Americans are worse off than they were four years ago. Businesses aren’t hiring, investments aren’t growing and the dollar doesn’t buy what it used to. Our enemies don’t fear us and our allies no longer trust us. That is the legacy of the Obama years. We can’t afford another devastating term.

Candidate Obama pledged to tear down old political divisions and unite the country. Though Americans feel more divided and frustrated than ever, he succeeded in uniting us around a common goal: change in the White House.

Historic sums of Americans have declared themselves conservative, and Independent voters are swinging sharply toward GOP candidates. Less than half of adolescents now approve of Obama’s job performance and studies show Millenials are moving toward the Republican Party. Obama’s far-left agenda has alienated voters and limited his support to loyal liberals. That is not a winning coalition.

But although President Obama is in real political trouble, it will take more than hope to change presidents. Republicans need to prepare – right now – for a billion dollar smear campaign. Obama, Reid and Pelosi have already promised an aggressive, expensive campaign and when it comes to spending vast sums, we know Democrats will deliver. Republicans simply cannot outspend them.

That’s why over the next year, Broward County Young Republicans are going to be on the ground, motivating voters that support our cause and convincing those that don’t. We are going to dial phones, knock doors and wave signs like never before. But we also pledge a comprehensive grassroots strategy to turn enthusiasm into votes. We will supplement Republican candidates with the time and effort that only comes from Young Republicans.

Can we win? You bet!

In South Florida, YRs are actively involved in all levels of government. We are interns, field directors, special assistants and campaign managers. Often we are the candidates, on the front lines spreading the Republican message.

In the bluest county in the state, we ousted the sitting Democrat county mayor. We elected conservative icon Allen West to Congress. We seriously challenged Debbie Wasserman Schultz for the first time. We sent Marco Rubio to Washington and soon we’ll oust Bill Nelson. We headquartered and won Governor Scott’s close race. We’re proud of our Republican sheriff and sure he will win re-election next year.

At every level, Broward County YRs are supporting Republicans to push back against the liberal agenda.

Florida decides presidential elections and 2012 will be no different. As Americans decide how they will cast their vote next year, the campaign will end with a final debate hosted right here in Boca Raton. We look forward to joining Palm Beach YRs in cheering on our Republican nominee and turning Florida red.

Young Republicans are hungry for victory next year and we have a plan to make it happen. Over the next 12 months, we’re going to show up, work hard and ensure GOP victory.

It’s going to be a great year for Republicans and eight great years for America. Instead of just counting on it, let’s work for it.


Jessica Osman and Nick Stone lead the Broward County Young Republicans in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Young Republicans Lead the Future

Broward County Young Republicans passed the torch from one administration to the next this Wednesday, leaving the group positioned for success. Club president Sheela Venero ended her term on a high note, with members enthusiastic about upcoming elections.

Sheela often says, “Young Republicans aren’t the future of the Party. We are the Party.”

If anyone personifies that mantra, it’s Sheela. When she took over as president, Sheela worked for Senator George LeMieux, himself a former Broward County Young Republican. During her term, she led Scott/Carroll field operations in Broward County. After working on Governor Scott’s transition team, she accepted a position as his special assistant. Recently she also became the secretary of the Broward Republican Executive Committee (BREC).

Other YR’s are the Party too. Notable Young Republicans include Broward County Chairman Richard DeNapoli and RNC Co-Chair Sharon Day. Florida’s Bill McCollum was the first attorney general to stand up against Obamacare, but he was a Young Republican before he was a statesman. Jeb Bush led the Republican wave as a candidate for governor, but first he was a YR.

Last year, Young Republicans were active in campaigns at all levels. Whether phone banking, door knocking, or strategizing in the war room, Young Republicans made a difference in key races. We fought entrenched Democrats on their home turf and won elections they said we couldn’t win. The dedication and enthusiasm of YRs made those victories possible.

Today, it’s time to take the club to an even higher level.

Incoming Club President Jessica Osman is dedicated to broadening the Republican coalition and bringing more young people into the fold than ever before. As her vice president, I am absolutely committed to helping her achieve that goal. We will work with College Republicans, the local Party, and elected officials to get our Republican message out to voters. We will collaborate with other Republican groups to grow the Party and win elections in heavily-Democratic South Florida.

As we chart the course ahead in Broward County, Young Republicans will build upon the proud legacy we inherit. We will continue to lead the future.

This editorial was cross-posted at the Broward GOP Insider.


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