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2013: WOW, What a Year!

It has been an exciting year for Broward YRs and we want to thank you for being a part of it!  Here are some highlights from 2013:

We certified 86 General & Associate Members to our club. At the Florida Annual Convention, we were allotted 6 votes (the largest in memory) and saw the election of three of our own — Dan Ruoss, National Committeeman, Nick Stone, Secretary, and Ryan Reiter, Region 12 Chairman, to the FFYR Executive Board. We were joined by Broward’s own RNC Co-Chair Sharon Day, who extolled the importance of Young Republican activists in the fight for our future.  Our members brought home THREE awards: YR Man of the Year (Dan Ruoss), Best GOTV Efforts & Large Club of the Year!  Those are serious achievements for our club and our critical region.

Broward was also selected to host the Young Republicans National Federated Quarterly this November right here in Fort Lauderdale. There, we had the great pleasure of showing off the best of Florida’s YRs, including former Broward YR President and US Senator George LeMieux, a hometown favorite.

In 2013, we also licked our wounds from the 2012 election and went on offense.

At our monthly club meetings, we tackled tough (sometimes divisive) issues.  In our Summer Panel Series, we spoke honestly and openly about the future of our Party with regards to diversity, education, and labor relations.  Facing those issues head on puts us in a stronger position looking forward to next year.

Another highlight from our year was a bold return to membership engagement through regular Socials. Some favorites included our 2nd Amendment “Shoot Out” Social, Region 12 Joint Social with Palm Beach YRs, and our July Cookout where many attendees supplied warriors with critical supplies overseas.

We didn’t just focus on politics and fun this year, either.  Broward YRs gave back to our communities through charitable activity.  Our members and friends donated thousands of dollars in professional clothing to veterans in search of work, more than a hundred dollars in school supplies for local children, and connected local minorities with employers at the Republican Business Network’s Jobs Expo.  So never let anyone tell you that Republicans don’t give back.

By any measure, 2013 was an excellent year for our club.  Starting at our January 8th Meeting, we will plot a course for an even brighter 2014.  We’ve got an impending State of the Union Address, municipal elections, and the 2014 Midterms just to name a few.

See you in the New Year!

Broward County Young Republicans

Most Egregious Spending of 2013

wastebook_2013 Tom Coburn

Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn outlays examples of needless spending that could and should be eliminated with his latest publication.

The man I call “The Ultimate Fiscal Hawk” is out with what his office calls  the “Annual Wastebook Highlighting Most Egregious Spending of 2013″.

Examples of wasteful spending highlighted in “Wastebook 2013” include:

  • Uncle Sam Looking for Romance on the Web – (NEH) $914,000

The Popular Romance Project has received nearly $1 million from the National Endowment of the Humanities (NEH) since 2010 to “explore the fascinating, often contradictory origins and influences of popular romance as told in novels, films, comics, advice books, songs, and internet fan fiction, taking a global perspective—while looking back across time as far as the ancient Greeks.”

  • Mass Destruction of Weapons – (Department of Defense) $7 billion

As the U.S. war effort in the Middle East winds to a close, the military has destroyed more than 170 million pounds worth of useable vehicles and other military equipment. The military has decided that it will simply destroy more than $7 billion worth of equipment rather than sell it or ship it back home.

  • Millions Spent Building, Promoting an Insurance Plan Few Want and a Website that Doesn’t Work – (Department of Health and Human Services) At least $379 million

With nearly half-a-billion dollars in government funding put behind promoting a product that relatively few people seem interested in purchasing off a website that doesn’t work, Obamacare is perhaps the biggest marketing flop since Coca-Cola introduced the world to “New Coke” in 1985.

  • Government Study Finds Out Wives Should Calm Down (NIH) $325,525

If your wife is angry at you and you don’t want her to stay that way, you might avoid passing along the findings of this government study. Wives would find marriage more satisfying if they could calm down faster during arguments with their husbands, according to government-funded research.

  • Fort Hood Shooter Continued to Collect Government Paycheck (Army) ($52,952 in 2013)

While the families of the survivors and victims were fighting to receive military benefits, the Fort Hood shooter Major Nadal Hasan was cashing his paycheck. Since the shooting, Hasan has received over $278,000 in military benefits because the Military Code of Justice doesn’t allow a soldier to be suspended until they are found guilty.

  • NASA Searches for Signs of Intelligent Life … in Congress – (NASA) $3 million

One of NASA’s next research missions won’t be exploring an alien planet or distant galaxy. Instead, the space agency is spending $3 million to go to Washington, D.C. and study one of the greatest mysteries in the universe—how Congress works.

  • Hurricane Sandy “Emergency” Funds Spent on TV Ads ($65 million)

In January 2013, Congress passed a bill to provide $60.4 billion for the areas devastated by Hurricane Sandy.  However, instead of rushing aid to the people who need it most, state-level officials in New York and New Jersey spent the money on tourism-related TV advertisements.

  • Federally Funded Solar Panels Covered at Manchester-Boston Airport Because the Glare Blinds Pilots and Controllers (FAA) – $3.5 million

When officials at the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport in New Hampshire installed new solar panels, they did not anticipate one quarter of them would not be used 18 months later. In Spring 2012, the panels were placed on top of the airport’s parking garage, and 25 percent have remained there, covered with a tarp, rendering them useless. Problems with the new panels were noticed almost immediately by air traffic controllers who claimed that for 45 minutes each day, glare made it difficult to oversee the airport’s runways.

  • Need Brains!  Fighting Zombies with Pluses and Minuses — (NC) $150,000

A grant from NSF went to a company in North Carolina to develop a math learning game based on the zombie apocalypse.

  • NASA’s Little Green Man (NASA) — $390,000

Since NASA is no longer conducting space flights, they have plenty of time and money to fund a YouTube TV show and cartoon series called “Green Ninja” in which a man dressed in a Green Ninja costume teaches children about global warming.

Are you a fellow “Fiscal Hawk”? Join Senator Coburn’s campaign to weed out needless spending by submitting your own tips here.

Obama’s Shutdown

obamacare waiver

by Nick Stone

At midnight, President Obama and Harry Reid got what they wanted. They sent the government to a screeching halt and pointed their fingers at Republicans.

Why? Because House Republicans (joined by a few Democrats) stood firm against the most coercive, intrusive and unpopular law in modern history – Obamacare. Using the Power of the Purse, these brave souls put their names on the line to side with the public and against big government special interests.

House Republicans were willing to give the President 99% of what he wanted — fully funding the government at outrageously high Obama era spending levels. In return they simply demanded a delay of Obamacare. For that, they were called extreme.

President Obama has already trampled the Constitution to give his own donors and friends Obamacare waivers. Don’t the American people deserve at least a one year reprieve?

This shutdown is the irresponsible consequence of an intransigent President who can’t take 99% of a loaf. Republicans aren’t extreme, Obama is.

Time To Get Off The Mat & Fight!

by Broward County Young Republicans President Nick Stone:

I recently stumbled upon some great debate footage from the C-Span vault. It was three Broward County Young Republicans, led by Broward’s favorite son and then-Broward YR President George LeMieux, debating against the Broward YDs on issues related to the 1996 election.

You might remember Republicans got badly beaten on Election Day that year, much like we did just last year. But somehow we picked ourselves up, dusted ourselves off, and went on to win future elections. It wasn’t easy, but it was necessary.

Nearly every day since our last election I’ve woken up reassuring myself that it was only a nightmare and we won. But we didn’t.

May I be straight forward with you for a moment? I took the last election results very hard. It was personal for me, just as I know it was personal for you. We knocked more doors, rang more phones, sent more mailers, waved more signs than I thought possible. We worked in every corner of Broward County and across the nation to set this country on a better course and we got walloped in many important races anyway.

It hurt then and it still hurts now. But it’s time to get up off the mat.

We are going to have our 1996s, our 2008s and 2012s occasionally. That’s how the pendulum of history works. But we cannot turn the wounds of those battles into excuses to sit on our hands the next time around.

The time has come to dust ourselves off, get our heads in the game and bring the fight to the Democrats.

Why should we wait on history to tell America that we are right on the issues?

Let’s bring our case to the people, starting right now. Let’s tell them our story, beginning today. Let’s have a conversation about the relationship between our people and our government. Let’s take it to them without hesitation.

As your President, I stood with you as voters delivered their verdict the last time around and shared your horrified astonishment. Now, it’s my job to pick us back up and get our team in fighting shape for upcoming political battles.

The other side isn’t waiting to build on their electoral wins and neither can we afford to wait to push the ball back across the 50 yard line. We get up and fight back today or we forfeit the next several election cycles. It is that important.

I leave you with some of the most inspiring campaign words I’ve ever heard spoken, by a candidate who knew defeat but stood up to fight anyway, if only because the times and the nation called upon him to lead.

Join me in heeding his wisdom in answering the call to proverbial arms – right here, right now. Let’s get on offense. Let’s win one for America the next time around.

Senator John McCain, RNC Acceptance Speech 2008:

My country saved me and I cannot forget it. And I will fight for her so long as I draw breath, so help me God.

Friends, if you find faults with our country, make it a better one.

If you are disappointed with the mistakes of government, join its ranks and work to correct them.

Enlist in our Armed Forces, become a teacher, enter the ministry, run for public office, feed a hungry child, teach an illiterate adult to lead. Comfort the afflicted. Defend the rights of the oppressed.

Our country will be the better and you will be the happier because nothing brings greater happiness in life than to serve a cause greater than yourself.

I’m goingto fight to make sure every American has every reason to thank God, asI thank him, that I’m an American, a proud citizen of the greatestcountry on Earth. And with hard work — with hard word, strong faith,and a little courage, great things are always within our reach.

Fight with me. Fight with me.

Fight for what’s right for our country. Fight for the ideals and character of a free people.

Fight for our children’s future. Fight for justice and opportunity for all.

Stand up to defend our country from its enemies. Stand up for eachother, for beautiful, blessed, bountiful America.

Stand up, stand up, stand up, and fight.

Nothing is inevitable here. We’re Americans, and we never give up.

We never quit.

We never hide from history. We make history.

Thank you, and God bless you, and God bless America.

President’s Message: Stand Up!

Fellow Young Republicans,

Obama Offers Liberal Vision: ‘We Must Act’

That’s the top headline of today’s New York Times.


When a left wing editorial like the NY Times describes your agenda as liberal even from their point of view, you bet your bottom dollar — it is!


In his second Inaugural Address, President Obama made clear that the 48% of Americans that voted for the other guy could, effectively, kiss it.  Never having to face the voters again, Mr. Obama intends to enact every left wing dream he was unable to force upon the voters the first time around.


Think I’m kidding?  Listen to President Obama in his own words, when he thinks the microphone is off.  He already pledged unequivocally, “This is my last election. After my election, I’ll have more flexibility (to the Kremlin).”


Pseudo-conservative David Brooks, who also writes for the NY Times, concisely said of the second Obama inauguration“It was about collectivism…  Four years ago it was about trans-partisan, healing divides… Now he’s in the fray.  He’s picked a team.”


Believe me, that team doesn’t represent you.  So, when will President Obama get to work enacting his more flexible, more liberal agenda?  Immediately!  In fact, he’s already started.


Presidential Historian Richard Norton Smith says that second term presidents like Obama know they have effectively six months to effectively govern before they face congressional mid-terms and become lame ducks.


Knowing what we know, I call upon Young Republicans to stand as firmly as ever against the coming onslaught of left wing goodies President Obama intends to unleash upon our country.  It is up to us to support our elected officials as they fight for our values in a Washington that doesn’t care what our half of the country thinks.


Over the next 6 months, we will be stepping up our presence online, on air, and on the ground.  We have to let America know that we have a voice too, and we intend to use it.


I encourage you to stand firmly with us. When you hear false liberal narrative, call it out — by name!  When Washington negotiates away our future, call your representatives.  Write letters to the editor.  Follow and tweet to Republicans and tell them you’re counting on them to stand strong.


The next two years literally depend on whether or not you and I have the wherewithal to stand up and say “No!” to President Obama and lockstep liberals.  Let’s politely — but firmly — show the president that he does indeed still have to answer to the 48% that said “No!” to bigger government, more spending, and pawning away our children’s future.


I leave you with the legendary battle cry of a time honored war hero and veteran Republican standard bearer:


“Stand up!  Stand up!  Stand up and fight!  Nothing is inevitable here.  We’re Americans.  We never give up.  We never quit.  We never hide from history; we make history.”  — Senator John McCain  (watch the video here)


Stay tuned at for critical updates and tell your friends.


Yours Truly,

Nick Stone
Broward County Young Republicans

Congratulations New BREC Board

On behalf of our board and members, I congratulate Chairman Rico Petrocelli and the entire new board of the Broward Republican Executive Committee on their election.  We are confident in our new leaders and look forward to working closely with BREC to elect Republicans countywide.

We would also like to thank former Chairman Richard Denapoli for outstanding leadership during his term as chairman.  Let it be said that on his watch, Mr. Denapoli grew and strengthened our Party from the bottom up.  It’s no accident that with Mr. Denapoli’s leadership, BREC is Florida’s largest REC and set the benchmark for grassroots activism.

In a county as diverse as Broward, it is no easy task to include all voices without straying from our shared Republican values.  But Richard Denapoli got that job done.  We know Chairman Petrocelli and our new board will continue and build on this great legacy.

They can count on unwavering support from Broward County Young Republicans.


Nicholas Stone

Transition: All Hands On Deck

September 5, 2012


Fellow Young Republicans,

As I take over as acting President, I want to take a moment to reflect on how far our club has come and what we must do to move forward and secure GOP Victory in November.  Nothing is more important than victory for the future of our club, to say nothing of the future of our country.

First, let me thank Immediate Past President Jessica Osman for her service and dedication.  She made people rethink about our Party by shining a light on our untold diversity.  While challenging the presumptions of others, she also challenged us to take a good look at ourselves and consider what unites us as Republicans.  Our whole Party is better off for including Young Republicans like Jessica.

Now down to business.  Election Day is in two short months, so there is no time to waste!

Already, I’ve moved to make Broward YRs a better club. Our news wires and email marketing are with a new provider to allow more flexible, effective message targeting.  All Broward YR events are now posted on Facebook with a corresponding event page and we will continue to use social media to bring out new members.  Please use these tools to spread the word about our current and upcoming events, and to keep yourself aware of any changes to our schedule.

“Victory through Unity”

Former YR President Sheela Venero empowered many Young Republicans like me to strive for leadership positions in the Party, emphasizing that YRs aren’t merely the future of the party, but We Are The Party.  Jessica Osman urged that today’s party is Not Your Grandfather’s GOP, highlighting our vibrant diversity while smashing stereotypes about Republicans.  On my watch, I will focus on Victory through Unity.

Victory through Unity means that we will work together with other Republican organizations and conservative groups to consolidate efforts and multiply our effectiveness.  I will work like no other president before me to include and empower our sister organizations to draw new people into the party, mobilize and empower Republican activists of all ages, from all backgrounds, in all places.  Together, we will win this November and beyond.

To achieve victory, I’m laying out a few goals:

Focus on social media.   Today’s message war is fought primarily online.  We will expand our online presence with a continuously updated website, active Facebook pages and Twitter feeds.  If you haven’t yet joined our online network, I urge you to do so immediately.  By connecting the club with your existing friend networks, our Republican message can spread virally and organically to engage voters we might otherwise miss.

Use our voice.    Our club will be prominent on the front lines, making the case for Romney-Ryan and other Republican candidates.  We will publish more editorials, step up our presence in the media, and actively engage our community.

Campaign like crazy.  Getting together for social events to share war stories is great fun!  But campaigns take our club seriously when they can count on us to show up and put in the work it takes to win an election.  So we are going to dramatically increase the amount of actual campaign work we do – both as a club and as individuals.

Online, on air and on the ground, Young Republicans are a vital part of GOP Victory in 2012. I look forward to hearing from you and working with all of our members to make Broward YRs a bigger, better, more effective part of the Republican Party.

Together, we will win.



Nick Stone, Acting President

Broward County Young Republicans


FFYR Weekend in Paradise

Last weekend, the Florida Federation of Young Republicans Annual Convention was held in Palm Beach.  The host club, Palm Beach County Young Republicans, truly made the event a Weekend in Paradise.  The historic Colony Hotel was wonderful and as always it was awesome to collaborate with YRs from across the state.

Here are some convention highlights:

We learned a lot about organizing and messaging from Rob Arnakis from the Leadership Institute.  Fmr. Majority Leader Adam Hasner spoke to us about his upcoming race for CD-22 and the urgency of the pivotal youth vote this year.  US Senate candidates Dave Weldon and George LeMieux discussed their races and participated in our straw poll.

Conservative radio legend Neal Boortz headlined our Saturday Night dinner and spoke about cultural and political issues.

Straw Poll Results: George LeMieux (70%), Connie Mack IV (19%), Dave Weldon (9%), Mike McCalister (1%), Marielena Stuart (1%)

The FFYR chapter regions were reorganized.  Our region remained intact with one addition.  Region 8 will become the new Region 12, to include Palm Beach, Broward, Miami Dade and Monroe Counties.  We applaud the decision to keep the Big 3 South Florida counties together and look forward to working with our neighbors the Palm Beach YRs and Miami YRs to engage and mobilize voters for GOP victory.

Your newly elected 2012-2013 FFYR Board:

Chairman Peret Pass
Vice Chairman Dan Ruoss
Secretary Bryan Tupper
Treasurer Josh Cockrell
National Committeeman Cameron Coward
National Committeewoman Carmen Myers
Asst Secretary David Baldauff
Asst Treasurer Kelly Phelan

Congrats to our 2012 Award Winners!

Large Club of the Year: Biscayne Bay Young Republicans
Small Club of the Year: Pinellas Young Republicans
Outstanding Club Newsletter: Palm Beach Young Republicans
Outstanding Club Event: Seminole County Young Republicans
Outstanding Club Website: Southwest FL Young Republicans
Socialite Award: Broward Young Republicans
Outstanding Charitable/Community Service Event: St. Johns County Young Republicans
Young Republican Woman of the Year: Sarah Gerber
Young Republican Man of the Year: Bradley Gerber
Club of the Year: Jacksonville Young Republicans

Congratulations Young Republicans

At Saturday’s Broward GOP Lincoln Day Dinner, three of our very own Broward County YRs received prestigious awards for their service.  Congratulations to the following award winners:

Lifetime Achievement Award
Sheela Venero
Young Republican of the Year
Nick Stone
Republican of the Year
Michael DeGruccio

We would also like to recognize the other current and former Young Republicans who do so much for the Party.  Thank you Chairman Richard DeNapoli, Senator George Lemieux, Chip LaMarca, Sharon Day and others!


Paid political advertisement by Broward County Young Republicans. Not approved by any campaign or committee.