Call Debbie Out!

DWS Wasserman Schultz DNC

What if you had the chance to give Debbie Wasserman Schultz a piece of your mind, live on air?

Well, today is your day!

DWS joins Diane Rehm today at 10 a.m. to discuss her new book “For The Next Generation: A Wakeup Call“, an ironic call for civilized discourse from one of the most hyper-partisan politicians alive.

Contact the show to tell Debbie what you think about her divisive, corrosive left wing rhetoric and overall lack of leadership.  Here are some easy ways to sound off:




Listen Live @ 10 a.m.: or tune in to your local NPR station (91.3 FM for South Florida).


call in: 1-800-433-8850

Facebook comments:

Tweet: @drshow AND @DWSTweets


NOTE: Diane Rehm tends to get lots of comments and phone calls, so start sounding off BEFORE 10 a.m. to have your voice heard by America.


Paid political advertisement by Broward County Young Republicans. Not approved by any campaign or committee.