It Isn’t Going to Work, Charlie



Former Republican Governor Charlie Crist announced yesterday that Annette Taddeo-Goldstein would join his ticket for Governor, an attempt to boost his campaign among minorities.

Since Governor Rick Scott’s selection of Carlos Lopez-Cantera, the Scott campaign has pulled ahead of Crist in polls, with most movement toward Scott coming from Latinos.  Charlie Crist picked Taddeo-Goldstein because he needs Latinos back in his camp to have any chance of winning in November.

It won’t work.

The Taddeo-Goldstein announcement is ripe with problems.  First, Crist is out of line to name a running mate at this stage of the election.  “It is unusual and presumptuous for Crist to pick a running mate before the contested primary without debating his opponent,” said Young Republicans Vice Chairman Brian Empric, who called the announcement “pure political desperation to woo the Democratic base.”

Annette Taddeo-Goldstein also has a poor electoral record.  Her 2008 run against Republican powerhouse Ileana Ros-Lehtinen was considered by many her best chance, yet the candidate ran 10 points behind President Obama in the District and Ros-Lehtinen won comfortably.  Her County Commission race didn’t go much better.

With no governing experience and a poor campaign record, onlookers may wonder what Taddeo-Goldstein would do should Charlie Crist decide to again abandon his job after one term. Ms. Taddeo-Goldstein is not qualified to run the State of Florida, Lieutenant Governor Lopez-Cantera clearly is. We urge the Scott campaign to highlight this key difference at every opportunity.

Although the Taddeo-Goldstein pick was intended to sway Miami area Latinos, it might backfire on Crist.  “Annette T. Goldstein has never seen a tax increase she didn’t support,” said Young Republicans Assistant Secretary Jessica Fernandez. “She has supported every tax increase at the local level, has criticized Governor Scott for keeping taxes and spending low and supports tax increases at the federal level.”  Ms. Fernandez added, “Families live on a budget, but Taddeo-Goldstein would take hard earned money out of your pocket to pay for her vision of big government.”

“Who is Annette Taddeo-Goldstein, anyway?” asked Young Republicans Secretary Nick Stone. “Most Floridians don’t know her, and what we do know is cause for concern.”

These two are a perfect match,” exclaimed Stone. “One can’t figure out her own last name, and the other one can’t figure out what he believes in.” Ms. Taddeo, or Taddeo-Goldstein, has alternated between versions of her last name for political and personal reasons.  She is running with Crist without the hyphenation.

Campaign tactics aside, the Taddeo-Goldstein pick makes us only more certain that Governor Rick Scott must be re-elected. “This state has come too far under the strong leadership of Governor Scott to turn back now,” said Young Republicans Chairman Dan Ruoss.  “Too many jobs and too many dollars left Florida during the first Charlie Crist term.  With Annette Taddeo-Goldstein on his ticket, the second term could be even worse.”
This week Floridians saw vintage Charlie Crist, a man who will say or do anything to get elected.  Although we are certain Annette Taddeo-Goldstein’s addition to the ticket will be met with a collective yawn, we urge Florida voters to educate themselves about the candidates’ combined record.  Then it will be clear that Governor Scott must be given a second term.
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Dems Can Keep Charlie ‘Weathervane’ Crist

Editorial by Nick Stone

We have all heard liberals like Nancy Pelosi and Debbie Wasserman Schultz expound on what the Republican Party needs to broaden our base and succeed in elections. How kind of them to offer us friendly, free advice. Does anyone really believe that these partisan liberals have the best interests of the Republican Party in mind?

The most ironic left wing spin doctor taking upon himself to diagnose GOP ills is newly baptized Democrat Charlie Crist.

Charlie, like many on the left, believes that the Republican Party suffers from closed mindedness, rigid ideology, and of course, racism, racism, racism! He left the GOP, his lifelong Party, because he could not be true to his ‘deeply held beliefs’ (whatever those are) and remain in our tent. Of course, the strategic move to leave the Party had nothing to do with his faltering primary against Marco Rubio. No, of course not! Charlie just wanted to do the right thing, you see.

Let me tell you what the Republican Party does not need. It doesn’t need any more Charlie Crists.

Many of us in my Party stuck by Charlie’s side far longer than we should have, excusing his blunders and attempting to explain his rudderless policy positions as governor.  His once loyal supporters best know the real Charlie Crist — the guy who will leave you at the altar, the guy who is firmly on both sides of every issue, the guy whose ambition will always come first.

Buyers beware!  Those who know Charlie Crist best are also his harshest critics, a point Democrats should note before they go to the polls.

Charlie Crist has described his political approach in many ways through the years: as a Connie Mack Republican, as a Jeb Bush Republican, and my favorite — as a Reagan Republican. But Charlie Crist is no Ronald Reagan, whatever his Party du jour.

The Charlie Crist years were plagued with a faltering economy, surging joblessness, and gaping budget deficits plugged by huge tax hikes — all masked as “fees”.  In the Crist years, Florida couldn’t find its footing. Our jobs were gone, our spirit was gone, and at the end of his term a good chunk of our rainy day fund was gone too.

Charlie Crist’s Florida led the economic collapse; it was not a victim of it. His record was tragic. He is Carter, not Reagan.

In a recent interview with Bill O’Reilly, Crist was asked about the wisdom of running as a Democrat while Republicans are gaining ground on almost all issues and voters are turning away from Democrats. “Not in Florida,” explained Crist.

Really, Charlie? Voters have elected 3 Republican governors in a row and appear poised to re-elect Governor Scott.  Republicans hold all statewide Cabinet offices, to say nothing of healthy majorities in our state and federal legislative offices. The closest thing Democrats have to a success in Florida is Bill Nelson — and that is quite a stretch. Floridians also recently sent David Jolly and Curt Clawson to Congress. Anybody wanna tally up the score and pass the bad news along to Charlie? Maybe Representative Alex Sink — or Governor Alex Sink, for that matter — can tell Charlie just how awesome Florida Democrats are doing with voters.

I’m very proud to say that the Republican Party, while not perfect, is far superior to the Democrats on issues. By learning from past failures, we are doing a great job catching up to Democrats on targeting and tech too.

In Florida, we have Republicans from any group you can imagine. Some of the proudest, most ardent Republicans I know are women like our GOP Co-chair Sharon Day and Hispanics like Marco Rubio. Florida’s Young Republicans are recognized as the best in the Union. We’ve got blacks, Jews, and even gays — many of whom are proud Republicans. And despite legendary registration and organization efforts by the Obama campaign, Republicans have actually narrowed the registration gap since 2008.

The Republican Party needs to remain focused on issues that people care about like the economy, taxes, and ways to keep our communities strong. What we don’t need is partisan liberals giving us advice. What we don’t need is people like Charlie Crist in our Party, who will do or say anything to get elected.

Hopefully Charlie finds a comfortable home in his new Party and never looks back. For Republicans, “the Party” isn’t hardly “over”. It is just missing one slick Jackass.

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Memo: GOP Strength in 2014

RNC Communications

FROM: RNC Chief of Staff Mike Shields
TO: Interested Parties
RE: Republicans’ Position Strengthens

Republicans begin March in a position of strength for the midterm elections. Polls are increasingly favoring our candidates. We’re expanding a map that was already difficult for Democrats. And the RNC is both better funded and better prepared than the DNC to engage voters for the midterm elections.

It’s no wonder that Democrats have effectively given up on retaking the House and are beginning to look resigned to the fact that they will lose the Senate. But don’t take our word for it.

This week, USA Today ran a story with the headline “Senate Battleground Expands In GOP’s Favor,” andNational Journal said on Friday that Republicans were “In Command” of the Senate landscape. That’s not all:

·         Roll Call’s Stuart Rothenberg sees a “huge D problem.”

·         Cook Political Report’s Amy Walter warned it’s not a good year to be a Democrat.

·         NBC News’ Chuck Todd says Democrats are “running scared” from President Obama.

·         Even MSNBC’s Chris Matthews can’t cheerlead for liberals; he thinks Democrats could lose 10
seats in the Senate.

Why are reporters and liberal pundits alike sounding the alarm? They can read the polls, the map, and the overall political climate.

Democrat Senate candidates are running in the low 40’s in Michigan, West Virginia, South Dakota, Arkansas, Louisiana, Colorado, Iowa, North Carolina, Alaska, and Montana. Republicans are also well positioned in New Hampshire, Virginia, Oregon, and Minnesota. That’s 14 states; Republicans only need to flip six to take the majority, and recent polls have Republicans currently leading in 8 of those races.

This is a dynamic not lost on political prognosticator Charlie Cook, who writes in National Journal this week:

“No matter how you look at it, the House seems out of reach. Today, Republicans appear a bit more likely to gain than to lose seats; it would take a cataclysmic event for Democrats to score the net gain of the 17 seats they need to take the majority … What’s changed is that Democrats’ chances of holding onto their majority in the Senate is looking increasingly tenuous. There are now at least 10, and potentially as many as 13, Democratic-held seats in jeopardy.”

In addition, Republicans lead in the generic ballot by three points, according to the most recent New York Times/CBS poll of registered voters. Even more alarming for Democrats, a new Washington Post poll found that, “in the 34 states with Senate races, 50 percent of voters say they favor Republicans and 42 percent favor Democrats.”

President Obama’s low approval rating signals bad news for Democrats as well. Or as National Journal’sAlex Roarty put it, “Obama is at 41 percent approval for NYT/CBS poll. Which should scare the bejeesus out of Dems running in ’14.”

And in Connecticut, where the president is campaigning today, Quinnipiac finds his job approval rating underwater six points (45/51), and the incumbent Democrat governor is polling at 42 percent. President Obama won the Nutmeg State by 18 points in 2012. That’s a dramatic reversal of fortunes for Democrats.

It’s important to recall that on the day Republicans made historic gains in 2010, Obama’s average approval rating was underwater by less than 4 points (45.6/49.4). He’s polling much worse now – underwater by 10 points according to the NYT/CBS poll – with no immediate opportunity to reverse the trend.

As Democrats’ prospects deteriorate, the DNC can offer precious little help. The RNC has outraised the DNC for the cycle thus far—$88.4 million to $71.4 million. The RNC is debt free, while the DNC has $15.9 million of debt. As former DNC Chair Howard Dean said, the DNC “can’t be a force” until its millions in debt are paid off.

Since early last year, the RNC has been building up its permanent, precinct-based field operation, investing in a massive digital and data upgrade, as well as deploying staff and recruiting volunteers across the country earlier than ever before.

That infrastructure—combined with voters’ frustration with Democrats, the president, and their signature policies—points to Republican victories in November.


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We certified 86 General & Associate Members to our club. At the Florida Annual Convention, we were allotted 6 votes (the largest in memory) and saw the election of three of our own — Dan Ruoss, National Committeeman, Nick Stone, Secretary, and Ryan Reiter, Region 12 Chairman, to the FFYR Executive Board. We were joined by Broward’s own RNC Co-Chair Sharon Day, who extolled the importance of Young Republican activists in the fight for our future.  Our members brought home THREE awards: YR Man of the Year (Dan Ruoss), Best GOTV Efforts & Large Club of the Year!  Those are serious achievements for our club and our critical region.

Broward was also selected to host the Young Republicans National Federated Quarterly this November right here in Fort Lauderdale. There, we had the great pleasure of showing off the best of Florida’s YRs, including former Broward YR President and US Senator George LeMieux, a hometown favorite.

In 2013, we also licked our wounds from the 2012 election and went on offense.

At our monthly club meetings, we tackled tough (sometimes divisive) issues.  In our Summer Panel Series, we spoke honestly and openly about the future of our Party with regards to diversity, education, and labor relations.  Facing those issues head on puts us in a stronger position looking forward to next year.

Another highlight from our year was a bold return to membership engagement through regular Socials. Some favorites included our 2nd Amendment “Shoot Out” Social, Region 12 Joint Social with Palm Beach YRs, and our July Cookout where many attendees supplied warriors with critical supplies overseas.

We didn’t just focus on politics and fun this year, either.  Broward YRs gave back to our communities through charitable activity.  Our members and friends donated thousands of dollars in professional clothing to veterans in search of work, more than a hundred dollars in school supplies for local children, and connected local minorities with employers at the Republican Business Network’s Jobs Expo.  So never let anyone tell you that Republicans don’t give back.

By any measure, 2013 was an excellent year for our club.  Starting at our January 8th Meeting, we will plot a course for an even brighter 2014.  We’ve got an impending State of the Union Address, municipal elections, and the 2014 Midterms just to name a few.

See you in the New Year!

Broward County Young Republicans

Most Egregious Spending of 2013

wastebook_2013 Tom Coburn

Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn outlays examples of needless spending that could and should be eliminated with his latest publication.

The man I call “The Ultimate Fiscal Hawk” is out with what his office calls  the “Annual Wastebook Highlighting Most Egregious Spending of 2013″.

Examples of wasteful spending highlighted in “Wastebook 2013” include:

  • Uncle Sam Looking for Romance on the Web – (NEH) $914,000

The Popular Romance Project has received nearly $1 million from the National Endowment of the Humanities (NEH) since 2010 to “explore the fascinating, often contradictory origins and influences of popular romance as told in novels, films, comics, advice books, songs, and internet fan fiction, taking a global perspective—while looking back across time as far as the ancient Greeks.”

  • Mass Destruction of Weapons – (Department of Defense) $7 billion

As the U.S. war effort in the Middle East winds to a close, the military has destroyed more than 170 million pounds worth of useable vehicles and other military equipment. The military has decided that it will simply destroy more than $7 billion worth of equipment rather than sell it or ship it back home.

  • Millions Spent Building, Promoting an Insurance Plan Few Want and a Website that Doesn’t Work – (Department of Health and Human Services) At least $379 million

With nearly half-a-billion dollars in government funding put behind promoting a product that relatively few people seem interested in purchasing off a website that doesn’t work, Obamacare is perhaps the biggest marketing flop since Coca-Cola introduced the world to “New Coke” in 1985.

  • Government Study Finds Out Wives Should Calm Down (NIH) $325,525

If your wife is angry at you and you don’t want her to stay that way, you might avoid passing along the findings of this government study. Wives would find marriage more satisfying if they could calm down faster during arguments with their husbands, according to government-funded research.

  • Fort Hood Shooter Continued to Collect Government Paycheck (Army) ($52,952 in 2013)

While the families of the survivors and victims were fighting to receive military benefits, the Fort Hood shooter Major Nadal Hasan was cashing his paycheck. Since the shooting, Hasan has received over $278,000 in military benefits because the Military Code of Justice doesn’t allow a soldier to be suspended until they are found guilty.

  • NASA Searches for Signs of Intelligent Life … in Congress – (NASA) $3 million

One of NASA’s next research missions won’t be exploring an alien planet or distant galaxy. Instead, the space agency is spending $3 million to go to Washington, D.C. and study one of the greatest mysteries in the universe—how Congress works.

  • Hurricane Sandy “Emergency” Funds Spent on TV Ads ($65 million)

In January 2013, Congress passed a bill to provide $60.4 billion for the areas devastated by Hurricane Sandy.  However, instead of rushing aid to the people who need it most, state-level officials in New York and New Jersey spent the money on tourism-related TV advertisements.

  • Federally Funded Solar Panels Covered at Manchester-Boston Airport Because the Glare Blinds Pilots and Controllers (FAA) – $3.5 million

When officials at the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport in New Hampshire installed new solar panels, they did not anticipate one quarter of them would not be used 18 months later. In Spring 2012, the panels were placed on top of the airport’s parking garage, and 25 percent have remained there, covered with a tarp, rendering them useless. Problems with the new panels were noticed almost immediately by air traffic controllers who claimed that for 45 minutes each day, glare made it difficult to oversee the airport’s runways.

  • Need Brains!  Fighting Zombies with Pluses and Minuses — (NC) $150,000

A grant from NSF went to a company in North Carolina to develop a math learning game based on the zombie apocalypse.

  • NASA’s Little Green Man (NASA) — $390,000

Since NASA is no longer conducting space flights, they have plenty of time and money to fund a YouTube TV show and cartoon series called “Green Ninja” in which a man dressed in a Green Ninja costume teaches children about global warming.

Are you a fellow “Fiscal Hawk”? Join Senator Coburn’s campaign to weed out needless spending by submitting your own tips here.

Call Debbie Out!

DWS Wasserman Schultz DNC

What if you had the chance to give Debbie Wasserman Schultz a piece of your mind, live on air?

Well, today is your day!

DWS joins Diane Rehm today at 10 a.m. to discuss her new book “For The Next Generation: A Wakeup Call“, an ironic call for civilized discourse from one of the most hyper-partisan politicians alive.

Contact the show to tell Debbie what you think about her divisive, corrosive left wing rhetoric and overall lack of leadership.  Here are some easy ways to sound off:




Listen Live @ 10 a.m.: or tune in to your local NPR station (91.3 FM for South Florida).


call in: 1-800-433-8850

Facebook comments:

Tweet: @drshow AND @DWSTweets


NOTE: Diane Rehm tends to get lots of comments and phone calls, so start sounding off BEFORE 10 a.m. to have your voice heard by America.


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